Ordering & Shipping

We ship out orders on Mondays, mid-week and Saturdays, thus your wait time being generally very short.

Standard Shipping for America is $5.00. That’s good for lightweight items such as t-shirts and posters.

Heavy Goods Shipping for America is $20.00. That’s how we mail out products such as the G.G. Toilet Seat and any other heavyweight item.

Shipping time within the continental USA after the package leaves our location is about 2-7 days. Around the major holidays you can expect a slight delay in delivery time. For international shipping it takes about 10 days minimum and usually up to 2 weeks at the latest for your package to arrive. Have patience as it can sometimes take a bit longer, especially if you are overseas.

Once your order is packaged and labeled you will be notified via email with a 22 digit tracking number. We ship via USPS which features a very easy to use tracking system that has an option for tracking your package via text message updates. We suggest utilizing that option as it is the most up to date way to keep track of your package until it arrives at your mailbox. The link in your email will take you to the USPS tracking page where you can enter your mobile telephone number and have text updates sent to you.

International Shipping is $15.00. That's good for t-shirts and other lightweight items.

Heavy International Shipping is $40.00. That's how we mail out products such as the G.G. Toilet Seat and any other heavyweight item.

If the address you provide to us is incorrect or incomplete and undeliverable your package will be returned to Lethal Amounts. Lethal Amounts will then send you a PayPal money request to cover additional shipping costs in order to get the package delivered to your correct address. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses as all we can do is mail out packages to the address provided to us.