Vintage Harrington Jacket - Embroidered

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Mens Vintage Harrington Jackets

This classic lightweight Harrington jacket is made in England—complete with plaid lining—alongside finishing touches added here in Los Angeles.

Made popular since the 60’s with Mods and Skinheads and later the Britpop stars of the 90s in England, the Harrington Jacket has been a top choice among many Hollywood bad boys in the 1950s, including icons like Steve McQueen. "Rebel Without A Cause" saw James Dean sporting a Harrington jacket back in 1955 and Elvis Presley in "King Creole" in 1958. But taking its name from Rodney Harrington, a character in the 1960’s sitcom "Peyton Place", has been synonymous with outsiders.

  •  Lightweight
  •  Embroidered details. 
  •  Waist-length jacket is made from cotton and polyester.
  •  Vintage craftsmanship with and traditional tartan lining   in the sleeves.
  •  Made in England