Midnight Neighbors by Blake Armstrong book PRESALE

Midnight Neighbors by Blake Armstrong book PRESALE

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Lethal Amounts is proud to introduce “Midnight Neighbor” from artist Blake Armstrong.

A five chapter book of characters, sorrows, castles and Hell. From the stinging patrons of “The Scorpion Club” to the books final descent into an unwelcoming red basement with “The rites and rituals to exorcise the Devil, Haraxis”, these chapters, stories, paintings and pictures encourage its viewer to question what it means to be a human and at the end of it all are you actually just a monster. After all, who is the Midnight Neighbor anyway?

Accompanied with images of friends and collaborators Emma Ruth Rundle, Robert Alfons (Tr/St) and Chelsea Wolfe to name a few, this book brings to life five different worlds and themes exploring Blakes relationship with life.

“In darkness it pants with twitches of pain,
the Midnight Neighbor is knocking again. “

First edition 


Full color 225 pages 

Printed in USA 

Lethal Amounts exclusive 2022