Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp 1983–1984 - British Documentary Photography

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Janine Wiedel — Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp 1983–1984

An assortment of images of Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp that  was a series of protest camps established to protest nuclear weapons being placed at Berkshire, England. The camp began in September 1981 after a Welsh group, Women for Life on Earth, arrived at Greenham to protest against the decision of the British government to allow cruise missiles to be stored there. After realising that the march alone was not going to get them the attention that they needed to have the missiles removed, women began to stay at Greenham to continue their protest. The first blockade of the base occurred in March 1982 with 250 women protesting, during which 34 arrests and one death occurred. The camp was active for 19 years and disbanded in 2000.

36 pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital

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