ACAB Vintage Monkey Jacket - Embroidered

ACAB Vintage Monkey Jacket - Embroidered

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Mens Vintage Monkey Jacket

This classic lightweight Monkey jacket is made in England—Black satin lining—alongside finishing touches added here in Los Angeles.

The Monkey Jacket made popular by the Mods of the 1960's and Skinheads shortly thereafter is a staple in british subculture attire. The term ACAB, popularized by the Skinhead punk band the 4Skins in the 1980s, is embroidered on the left breast and Lethal Amounts logo on the right. A menacing combo ;-)

  •  Lightweight
  •  Embroidered details. 
  •  Waist-length jacket is made from cotton and polyester.
  •  Vintage craftsmanship with and traditional tailoring
  •  Made in England