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$ 50.00

Tuesday, October 31st Halloween night

Where: Black Rabbit Rose / Madame Siam

General Admission w/ Black Mass at midnight (only 200 tickets available )

Speacial Guests and more.....

VIP Dr. Kenneth Anger lecture (only 70 seats available) + Black Mass with Steven Leyba  $100 


On October 31 1997 Anton LaVey descended to the other side. This event will mark exactly 20 years to the date of his passing. So there is no better night than Halloween night 2017 to honor his legacy.

The exhibition portion will be comprised of items on loan from collectors around the world, past members, friends and notable fans.

On display there will be rare and never before seen photographs (for sale), original art by Anton LaVey himself, original books, writings, personal items, artifacts from the Black House, ephemera, and much more.

Lectures and performances by -Legendary filmmaker and long time collaborator Kenneth Anger 

Black Mass performance at midnight. 


Lethal Amounts gallery is proud to present the Anton LaVey Exhibition chronicling the influence Dr. LaVey has had in American culture. LaVey, founded the Church of Satan in 1966 with a belief system somewhere between religion, philosophy, psychology, and carnival. The core goal was always indulgence and the idea of vital existence; rejecting the ideas of submission and restrain that Christianity teaches. Openly inviting to gays, lesbians, non-conformists, and radical thinkers. The religion was for the intellectual elite, empowering the concept of self-acceptance and ridding the guilt of carnal delights. The message was if you couldn’t enjoy the thrills of life, what is the point of life itself?

In 1969 the Satanic Bible was published and it sent shockwaves into the homes of America, playing a role in the end of the summer of love. By then Anton LaVey had already built a following (including celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr. & Jayne Mansfield) with his highly publicized Satanic weddings, funerals, and baptisms. The legend and lore of Anton LaVey continues to fascinate every new generation, his bible is still in print and sited as influence by many in popular culture. He set out to change the world through philosophy that provoked change in society norms with the use of flare and theatre. So we feel that it’s time that he gets a proper applause to his curtain call.



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