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Pleading in the Blood - The art and Performance of Ron Athey

Ron Athey started his career in the SoCal punk scene with his then boyfriend, Rozz Williams of Christian Death. Together they worked on art, experimenting with visual, performance, and audio experimentations that lead to the project Premature Ejaculation. They parted ways and Ron continued his journey of expression through means of putting his body through extremes to convey his message through sometimes extraordinary states of self mutilation and pain thresholds. A true trailblazer and iconoclast. On of the most important arts to rise from the punk scene and queer community. 

Ron Athey is one of the most important, prolific and influential performance artists of the past four decades. Queer Communion, an exploration of Athey’s career, refuses the linear narratives of art discourse and instead pays homage to the intensities of each mode of Athey’s performative practice and each community he engages. An important read for those interested in queer and gender studied as well as outsider punk rock history. A truly amazing book. 

456 pages  pages