Oi! The Scrapbook Vol. 1  - 1975-80

Oi! The Scrapbook Vol. 1 - 1975-80

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Oi! The Scrapbook Vol. 1  - 1975-80 Angels With Dirty Faces

An Illustrated history of British Oi! and New Punk, Magazine Covers, Flyers, and other Archival Memorabilia. 

Amazing book with cuttings and archival material from punk and Oi! bands from the mid 70's to the 80s. An Illustrated history on the British Oi! and streetpunk scene and bands from the late 70's onwards. Packed with band biographies, discographies, info on bands that fell through the cracks of history and hundreds of photos.

Oi to the World, Enjoy kids

430 pages


b/w digital

Made in England. British import